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Bunny (grav3yardgirl or banana peppers) just unboxed a Werepup from my nursery! You can watch the video here!

Beautiful Maddie Brown

My sweet girl Maddie is going to be posted tomorrow!!! This girl is sporting lauschaer Glasaugen mouth blown eyes.. in the shade blue...

Maddie by Bonnie Brown

Maddie is in the house!! I’m starting on little Miss Muffet today:) can’t wait to dive in. 😉

Lucian Has Been Listed!!!

My boy is done! This little dude took me forever ;) He is such a riot with his grumpy little face and crazy hair.

Lucian Kane my old friend!

I am starting on my old buddy Lucian! Thinking about how cute he would be with Husky coloring :) So excited to have him back in our...

Whats New???

Hey All!! Brene is currently working on a Tobiah kit by Laura Lee Eagles #1187/1400 1st addition!! Stay tuned for some awesome pictures...

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